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Month: May 2007

  • School Canceled; Surf Is Up!

    The Georgia Bahá’í School was supposed to be this weekend. However, the school was canceled. So Mom and I drove down to Jekyll Island. Pictures will be posted soon. As always, they are posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sneezypb/

  • Once Librarian Aspirations

    A recent comment I made regarding to another blogger regarding my interest in getting an MLIS: Huh… Back in college, MLIS was part of my career path. That seems like forever ago, but it was only less than eight years? It was a natural fit for me. As a university student, working in the library,…

  • Waste Not

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of forwarded or group invites for kinds of things about not buying gas for a day, not buying gas from the two largest oil companies, or even everyone not using electricity for an hour (One Hour NO Power). These are ambitious endeavors for problems I agree are present. My…

  • Mashups

    What two web sites would you combine? Why? Let’s Make Website Mashups, Like Netflickr, Figg and BoingPress: It seems to me — for the purposes if this column — that the best way to reduce this clutter is to combine domains, creating a new site that incorporates the strengths of both the originals. I call…

  • Moon and Star

    Moon and Star, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

  • Moon and Star

    Moon and Star, originally uploaded by sneezypb.

  • Moon and Star

    Moon and Star, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Large @ Flickr

  • The Voice on the Screen

    LOL The Matrix Trilogy in HD is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, the TV said so!

  • OpenOffice Is Like Mikey

    Remember the commercials for the cereal where the kids decide to give Mikey the stuff to see if he likes it? Someone sent me a WordPerfect document. Its been years since I got one of those. Office XP obviously doesn’t open it without scouring the Microsoft web site for the coverters. Before subjecting myself to…