Will It Hold?

Will It Hold?, originally uploaded by sneezypb. My favorite spot since I was a kid on Grassy Pond. Its about 1/2 way around the pond on the nature trail. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

QotD: Mispeled

What words, for the life of you, can you never spell correctly?Submitted by Byrne. Valdosta Ironically, I lived in a city with that name. I worked in the IT department at a university with it in the name and domain name. So, in giving people a web site where they can lookup more information, I'd… Continue reading QotD: Mispeled

Bleu Cafe

Bleu Cafe, originally uploaded by sneezypb. You know… with the French Bleu and non-French Cafe (its missing the accent). Read and post comments | Send to a friend