Time Change a ‘Mini-Y2K’ in Tech Terms – New York Times: For the roughly 7,000 public companies in the United States, Mr. Hammond estimates the total cost of making computer fixes to deal with the daylight saving time shift at more than $350 million. “It’s causing a lot of corporate technology people sleepless nights,” he… Continue reading DST vs IT

Science News

News about scientific topics annoys me. The latest, on the melting of the Martian polar ice caps hinting at a warmer than usual Sun causing global warming makes me wonder if Kate reads about science as voratiously as I do? I mean, as I started to read this, I recalled that the number and size… Continue reading Science News


One of the reasons I prefer to communicate in writing is I often dwell on what I wish to say, refining the words to make the message clear and concise. In spoken words, I definitely lack that precision. Something that really annoys me is the use of the prefix “bi-“. This illustrates why: Since bi–… Continue reading Precision


. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein, (attributed) The Quotations Page Very nice! I’m nearly insane from working with computers.