The System is Down, Doo-Deh-Deh

LJ is broken. Normally I'd blog about it there, but obviously, that is a bust. 🙁

LiveJournal is currently unavailable due to a power loss event in our data center. We've been working around the clock to restore all services and will continue to do so until full availability is restored.

For more information:

Thank you for your patience.

My first blog was at a site called Pitas. For a decade I've accumulated accounts all over the World Wide Web. Pitas ran into growing pains and had several cases of unexpected long downtimes. So I permanently migrated to LJ. If LJ has more growing pains, then I probably will blog here almost all the time.

So… anyone Vox have an API and has anyone written a tool to write to it?

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QotD: My Dream Address

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  Why? 
Submitted by abcdefg81.

Pictures of the Seychelles beaches are the most gorgeous of all the beach pictures I have ever seen. I'd love to live there, especially near the beach.

At first, the computer nerd in me stressed about the lack of an Internet connection. However, the power of Google reassured me that at least ISDN speed is available. 🙂

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