QotD: Ghost Story

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen a ghost?  Submitted by Nancy. I've never seen a ghost. However, spending the night in my parent's bedroom was pretty uncomfortable. I never really spent much time there. We moved into that house when I was 4 years old. So, a few years ago, my mom… Continue reading QotD: Ghost Story

QotD: My First Flight

Do you remember your first flight? Where did you go? Why?Submitted by Laurel. Yes, I remember my first flight. It was from JAX (Jacksonville International) to Raleigh-Durham. There we would catch a connecting flight to La Guardia near New York City. The trip was to attend the Baha'i World Congress. Visiting NYC for a week… Continue reading QotD: My First Flight

Peeking Misty

ezs study in grey misty Originally uploaded by nessieshome. Mom posted this in her Flickr site. I took it a few years ago, 2004 maybe. Its of Misty, her cat, peeking from behind a curtain while she was on the window sill to look at the birds and squirrels outside.

What About Mixed People?

These companies use mitochondrial DNA to trace one’s genetic lineage. So, they take a sample from my mitochondria (which I got from my mom) and compare it to samples that have been taken from mitochondria samples found in their database to match it. Well, my mom’s mom has lots of English and Scottish ancestry. So… Continue reading What About Mixed People?

Finding Mythological Places

In surfing through 43places.com this morning, I stumbled across Mythology. There are great entries such as Atlantis, Land of the Lotus Eaters, Tir Na Nog, and Asgard. This site contiues to impress.

QotD: Weekend Plans

What are your plans for the weekend? Watch some football, catch up on TiVo, play with my tripod. Yes, you have a dirty mind! Read and post comments | Send to a friend