QotD: My First Car

Tell us a little something about your first car.  Do you have any photos you can share? 
Submitted by tamara.

My first car was a 1984 Honda CIvic. My mom bought it new. My dad had taken to driving it when not using his work car. At 18, I needed to drive to school because I was going to get out of class at noon and buses didn't run then.

My current car is a 1996 Honda Accord. Of course, there was a 1992 Geo Prizm between… So I am back in the Honda fold.

No pics because I didn't have a camera then. I didn't get my first camera until two years after I graduated high school for my high school graduation gift.

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Vox Hunt: Earn Your Stripes

Take a photo of something striped.

Two ties.

Yellow and blue left tie: This is the tie I bought at a Lords and Taylor in the mall across from the hotel where I stayed for the wedding the night before the wedding.

Black and Blue tie: This tie I bought during a sale. It was two complete suits (jacket, pants, shirt, and tie) for $200. Given the prices of the pieces, it would have been about $250 for one suit. I don't really like this tie and have only worn it a couple times. The other tie, a red one, I wore all the time.

My new job doesn't really need me to project my importance to middle administrators, so the ties are pretty much unnecessary except for weddings and funerals.

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QotD: Here Comes The Bride

What was the last wedding you went to?  Were you in the wedding?

My last wedding was August of last year in Chicago for my dear friends Lacey and Myk. No, I wasn't part of the wedding. Actually, I haven't been part of any weddings. Though I did help set up the arch for Lauren and Chris' wedding. Heck, I don't even get a ton of wedding invitations.

That was a great trip. I acquired a new camera that propelled me into taking pictures again. Chicago is a city I love to visit. Back in July I got to go back for work. That was fun too. 🙂

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