Day: August 16, 2006

  • 0 q = 0 p T/F

    My new standard for finding out if people have problems I need to address: I’m hoping this evaluates to true: no questions = no problems. Okay, it probably would not work well should the person not be either a former Math or CS major. 🙁

  • Morning Shooting Star

    MORNING SHOOTING STAR Originally uploaded by dramafreezone. Stumbled across this really cool photo. The smoke trail is really my favorite feature. Plus, one can make out the head of the trail. 🙂 Go there and get the larger size to see it better.

  • iCiv

    Michael Covington’s Daily Notebook: Enough of this “electronic frontier.” I want civilization! I agree. The Internet has become a dangerous place. Every node has its own rules, some are more developed than others, and none are completely safe. I’m in favor of a tax on the Internet if it’s used to pay for law enforcement. […]