The S-Man

Superman Returns I plan to go Saturday. Anyone want to tag along? UPDATE: I went earlier. I liked it. Good acting, great special effects, and a decent enough story. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Mass Emails

I find some of the emails that circulate around here funny. Here is an example. A hubcap off someone’s vehicle was found in our parking lot.  Claim at front desk.

Did the average Immaturity Quotient of the room just drop 20 points?

Discovery Channel :: News – Human :: Serious Study: Immaturity Levels Rising: The adage “like a kid at heart” may be truer than we think, since new research is showing that grown-ups are more immature than ever. Specifically, it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth. As… Continue reading Did the average Immaturity Quotient of the room just drop 20 points?

Circle of Friends

Americans’ circle of friends is shrinking, new study shows | Science Blog: Americans’ circle of close confidants has shrunk dramatically in the past two decades and the number of people who say they have no one with whom to discuss important matters has more than doubled, according to a new study by sociologists at Duke… Continue reading Circle of Friends

SW: The Carbon Freeze Sequence

Ever wanted to know what geek children did in the 80s? This is just like what I did (only done by adults and for a movie). The Carbon Freeze Sequence UPDATE: Originally I tried to post the YouTube video with the object and embed tags. However, it seems LJ prohibits the use of object and… Continue reading SW: The Carbon Freeze Sequence

Southerners Love

Study: Southerners care most often for elderly loved ones: Southern hospitality, it seems, extends to the elderly: A higher percentage of Southerners care for the old and ailing than do people in other parts of the country, according to a new study. Nearly 17 percent of Southerners said in survey that they provide regular care… Continue reading Southerners Love


Does the World Cup have a lingua franca? By Daniel Engber: [Alexi] Lalas once regaled [a referee] in Ecuador with the Spanish translation of “son of a bitch.” The resulting phrase turned out to be far more offensive than the English version, and he got a red card on the spot.