Maniacal Laughter

Guy 1: “Should we be worried about the maniacal laughter coming from the next building?” Guy 2: “Huh. I am so used to hearing from my co-workers that I must not have noticed.”

Who are broadband users?

Go to the article for more. Summary is below. Bush Broadband Goal Gored – US Broadband Penetration Breaks 70% Among Active Internet Users – Broadband Study Highlights Two-Speed Europe – May 2006 Bandwidth Report President Bush’s goal of universal broadband access for all Americans by 2007 appears to be in doubt, according to a recent… Continue reading Who are broadband users?

Online vs. Print

People are all over discounting email as a useful communication medium. The only difference between email and paper memos is the ability to send them so quickly. In another job, I usually sent important emails to my boss who then rewrote them to make them more palatable for the wide public. In the end, knowing… Continue reading Online vs. Print

Fear != Lies

Guys… A guy like me in with security people giving me ugly looks isn’t scared because I am a terrorist or a criminal. I am terrified because I know I was singled out because of my skin color. I know no matter what I say that the people who singled me out can’t tell the… Continue reading Fear != Lies

Apple 1 – Apple 1

So selling music online does not violate a deal which “forbade Apple [Computer] from distributing music on physical media such as CDs or cassette tapes”. Wow… if only that has been a Supreme Court decision here in the US. That would have made the Napster case much more interesting. Sounds like Apple Corps should have… Continue reading Apple 1 – Apple 1


Confidence is a tricky thing. Sitting in front of a keyboard logged into a shell running vi to edit HTML, I am 100% confident I can and will do good things. Not so long ago, I yet again went through my lesson to the students assistants in my care. Now, in a new job, I… Continue reading Confidence