Confidence is a tricky thing. Sitting in front of a keyboard logged into a shell running vi to edit HTML, I am 100% confident I can and will do good things. Not so long ago, I yet again went through my lesson to the students assistants in my care. Now, in a new job, I find myself using those lessons which not so long ago were exercises in employee coaching.

Its not that I am terrified of breaking anything. Its not that I am unsure of what I can and cannot accomplish. I know what is possible (goal). I know the basics of how to get there (action plan). For some of the things I need to do, one step here or there (one in twenty or so) might not be firmly in my grasp. So I end up figuring out how to do that step correctly. In this job, there are as many things to do as in my last one. Unfortunately there is only about a 20% direct overlap (skills used directly with the same products), 50% general overlap (skills used for other but similar products), which left 30% new skills to develop.

Of that 30%, I think I am mostly there. Just a few things here and there.

Mostly its more being aware. Well… hasn’t it always?





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