Why, oh why, doesn’t Adobe include the highlighter tool in Acrobat Reader? I understand the intent of the tool. For the person creating the document to highlight the important parts.

Perhaps though the people reading the document would like to highlight the important parts. For an off-computer example, students highlight parts of text books. So instead, I will have to copy the important parts to text file. This means I will probably use the text writer instead of Acrobat and only go to the PDF when I cannot find what I need.

BTW, in the remote chance someone from Adobe reads this (hey, it could happen), add the Notes tool to Acrobat Reader too!

Underplanned Internet

My have things changed. The number is probably in the millions to tens of millions considering people often set up networks at home.

RFC 1118 – Hitchhikers guide to the Internet. E. Krol.

When the Internet was designed it was to have about 50 connected networks. With the explosion of networking, the number is now approaching 1000. The software in a group of critical gateways (called the core gateways) are not able to pass or store much more than that number. In the short term, core reallocation and recoding has raised the number slightly.

Taking Screenshots of web pages without Spending $40

Screen Grab will be very useful. It is easy enough to take screenshots, past them into GIMP and save them as PNG. Why do that when you can have something do it for you in one step?

Take Screen Capture of Webpages in Firefox » Digital Inspiration: Software Reviews, Technology News, Downloads, Productivity Tips

As the name suggests, Screen Grab saves the entire webpage as an image. The screengrab plugin can capture the current browser window, any visible portion of the browser window and even capture the entire website being viewed in Firefox.

When you capture the whole web document, this screen capture plugin scrolls the page around taking snapshots every time. At the end it stitches them all back together again and asks you where you’d like to save the image. The screenshots are saved as PNG format. Screengrab requires Java Virtual Machine. Supports Firefox 1.0+