Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Not So Secret

Keeping secrets is difficult. People blab. People are slackers. People are clueless. However, due to the media we expect the CIA (and FBI and federal government in general) to be on the ball. Their job is to protect us. So we want to believe they are best of the best of the best; that everyone there has a 150+ IQ, has a ENTJ personality, is moral, is just, and is closest gadget freak.

Reality is people who work for the CIA are not like James Bond. They are more like accountants. Mistakes are common. Failure of imagination lies with the administration whose task is generally to keep things running smoothly. Only when things embarrass the administration do they seek to be more imaginative.

Report: Web Searches Can ID CIA Employees – Yahoo! News

The identities of 2,600
CIA employees and the locations of two dozen of the agency’s covert workplaces in the United States can be found easily through Internet searches, according to an investigation by the Chicago Tribune.

The newspaper obtained the information from data providers who charge fees for access to public records and reported on its findings in Sunday editions. It did not publish the identities or other details on its searches, citing concern it could endanger the CIA employees.