Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Black. White.

This show has an interesting concept. Though it smells a bit of people who have never really experienced racism.

My mother participated in an anti-racism initiative (she is against it in principle). This particular group was of the opinion that whites could not ever experience racism (by convenient definitions). It troubled her that her children were experiencing racism every day while she could not. So she went into over protective mode to defend us against all those bad people out there oppressing us. LOL Yes, over protective. Lots of the things she reacted to really were not about race but a misunderstanding.

The beneficial thing about having both white and black parents is having a unique perspective on this whole race issue. In some ways I am black, some ways white, some ways both, and some ways neither.

I am interested in seeing how this show starts a dialogue others might not otherwise feel comfortable discussing.

Black. White. | FX Networks

Two families – one white and one black – come together under one roof in Los Angeles as they prepare to go out in the world as the other race. The Wurgels (Bruno, Carmen, and daughter Rose) are a white liberal family from Santa Monica, CA, and the Sparks (Brian, Renee, and son Nick) are a middle class black family from Atlanta, GA.






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