Wow, there is a disconnect between Microsoft and end users.

Even if users experience PC trouble after installing the patch, they will still be protected against any attack exploiting the Windows flaw, a Microsoft representative said.

But but but

The patch could lock users out of their PC, prevent the Windows Firewall from starting, block certain applications from running or installing, and empty the network connections folder, among other things, the software maker said.
(Bold added by me.)

Maybe this is just me, but I could really care less if my computer is protected from some computer worm if I cannot get into my computer! If the program I need (yes, need, not want) to use will not start, then the computer is broken.

I don’t consider this rocket science.

Blackboard and WebCT Merger

The threats to switch to Moodle are a little premature over the announcment of the Blackboard and WebCT merger. Moodle seems more like a content management system than a learning management system. Some thoughts

  • Support for WebCT’s existing products is not going away in the near term.
  • Products currently in development probably will finish.
  • Blackboard has excellent design concepts WebCT can use and vice versa. A combination of the two could be the best of both worlds.


Don’t tell others about something (dissiminate). Make them watch it or listen to it or a give a copy.

Maybe I am just too much into first party sources? I don’t want to learn from someone who read a book about it. I want to learn from someone who actually does it.