Sales Tax Free Weekend

Mental Note: Avoid all stores until Monday.

The last time I attempted to go shopping during such a weekend, it was worse than Christmas Eve. Stores were in such a sorry state of disarray. Stuff was thrown everywhere. The store floors looked like they had not been cleaned in days. The employees appeared as though they were survivors of a POW camp. Later, I saw pictures of the previous day’s crowds.

It made me feel really good that I do not work in retail.

Great Site Ranking in Google

Only recently have I come to accept toolbars as something quasi useful. Previously, the trouble they caused more than outweighed the benefits.

A web page on how Google works has me considering recommending the installation of the Google toolbar on all local computers (~3,000) with seeded bookmarks, cache, and temporary files for our web sites. Also, were we to offer a package that would seed the bookmarks for employees and clients, then we could see tremendous increases in our ranking.

[Click through rates] may now be monitored through cache, temporary files, bookmarks and favorites via the Google toolbar or desktop tools. Many have suspected for some time that sites are rewarded for good CTR with a raise in ranking.
Great Site Ranking in Google The Secret’s Out

Ugh. Probably down the road Google will figure out a way to make that appear to be people abusing the system and heavily dock us…. 🙁

Nokia’s open source advantage

The lesson here is that innovation doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. For Nokia, and Apple, open source isn’t an end in itself. It’s a beginning — one that allows these companies to concentrate on what they do best: delivering great products. Ask yourself whether your company is focused on doing the same. Are you using open source to your best advantage?
Nokia’s open source advantage