Opens Doors

Having the university degree makes me much more marketable as someone who can successfully navigate one of the most difficult beaucracies ever devised and replicated. See more progress on: get a degree

A New Start

A cough and distant talking stole Makai’s attention. “Sohjie…. We have company.” He listened intently for more sounds coming from the other side of the heavy oak door. Sohjie placed the herb jar back on the shelf. They took up positions on either side of the door. It opened painfully slowly. An drunk man with… Continue reading A New Start


IE is not safe. FireFox is not safe. Netscape is dead (long live Netscape). What is left? Opera? Lynx?

Wit and Charm

“You are a known for your wit and charm.” That almost put me on the floor laughing.

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Walking today after work, I reached an epiphany. We needed a light switch rave!! Strongbad on Techno Sing along: The system is down…. The system is down…. The system is down…. The system is down…. The system is down…. The system is down…. Do-duh-doo-doo!! Do-duh-doo-doo!! Do-duh-doo-doo!! Do-duh-doo-doo!!

Happy Mother’s Day

Kids are often deemed to be an intense responsibility which lasts for decades. Children also provide wonderful opportunities for entertainment. From the cute things they learn as infants to the idiot things they do as teenagers, children make life more interesting for parents. I am just glad my mom suffered through all of that with… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day