Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Month: April 2005

  • NADD Free Electron Completionist

    Rands in Repose has been on my mind lately and re-read. This gem of a web site contains descriptions of techie and management personalities that I recognize. Okay, several personality description are of me. NADD? My laptop connected to blogs and other web sites, a blaring TV, and desktop playing music, say “Totally!” I am…

  • Personal Security

    I am not sure many of us take our personal security strongly enough. Nick Bradbury recently mentioned he had lied about being out of town in a previous entry. I say kudos!! There are too many cases where I see people put in their blogs when they will be out of town. In most of…

  • GEICO Gecko

    Okay, there are now officially too many blogs when fictional characters have blogs. Case in point, the GEICO Gecko.

  • Internet Multiplayer

    Playing online Halo PC is not really fun when there are superb (professional quality) players at a game and make sure everyone else knows they can beat you at whim. I played on a server last weekend where one side was a clan. The other side on which I ended up player were obviously not…

  • One of my favorite web sites in college was the Terraserver place Microsoft bought. Google Maps makes that look like cheesy crap. I love Google!!

  • Stream

    Stream, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Took this yesterday of the stream for mom’s pond. I think the splashing is supposed to put oxygen into the water to help the fish breathe.

  • Tom Bombadil

    Tom Bombadil, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Took this yesterday.

  • Netiquette

    Online etiquette, aka netiquette, has always been a touchy topic. Thankfully, there are lots of resources out there for people who are interested in learning about how to properly behave online such as NetManners.com. Now, how to tactfully tell people face-to-face they should consult such resources? 🙂

  • Star Wars: Episode III

    Dare we trust this 6th installment to the Star Wars series of movies to be better than the last 2? Three words: “Darth Vader…. Rise!” I probably will go see Revenge of the Sith the opening weekend.