Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: April 9, 2005

  • Internet Multiplayer

    Playing online Halo PC is not really fun when there are superb (professional quality) players at a game and make sure everyone else knows they can beat you at whim. I played on a server last weekend where one side was a clan. The other side on which I ended up player were obviously not…

  • One of my favorite web sites in college was the Terraserver place Microsoft bought. Google Maps makes that look like cheesy crap. I love Google!!

  • Stream

    Stream, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Took this yesterday of the stream for mom’s pond. I think the splashing is supposed to put oxygen into the water to help the fish breathe.

  • Tom Bombadil

    Tom Bombadil, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Took this yesterday.