A Little Crowded

The countries who put stuff up in space should I think be responsible and safely drop all of the junk left up there. While the place is pretty big, collisions between objects in orbit are still pretty likely when there are so many items up there.

Fortune Cookie

A routine trip turns into an enchanting escapade.

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Hidden Project Pitfalls

Project management materials always discuss things in the problem-solving methodology: Define successful criteria, constraints, and release criteria. (Define and understand the problem.) Write a plan, define tasks, identify risks, and estimate costs. (Develop a plan.) (Try the plan.) Record actuals and estimates. (Collect data.) Evaluate at milestones. (Evaluate data to determine if plan succeeded.) This… Continue reading Hidden Project Pitfalls


This video of a group called Redefined doing a capella Nintendo game themes is provided a great cap to my otherwise blah day. The classics: Super Mario, MK, and Zelda. Video MPEG 48 MB Was Mortal Kombat a Nintendo game? I only remember the first one on Sega?

NADD Free Electron Completionist

Rands in Repose has been on my mind lately and re-read. This gem of a web site contains descriptions of techie and management personalities that I recognize. Okay, several personality description are of me. NADD? My laptop connected to blogs and other web sites, a blaring TV, and desktop playing music, say “Totally!” I am… Continue reading NADD Free Electron Completionist