Rain Reflection

2003-05-22-rain, originally uploaded by sneezypb. This is still one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. No texturizing. Just good ole flash reflections superimposing 2 different images. The car dashboard. The tree distorted by the rain. It is almost 2 years old. It is still great, I think.

Fishies I

Fishies I, originally uploaded by sneezypb. These are the Preciouses my mom dotes over March to November. Time to take second place to water-breathing vertabrates for a while.


Lucky or Brilliant? Probably both. I especially like this quote from Was Einstein an Alien? Einstein’s parents sometimes took Albert to parties. No babysitter was required: Albert sat on the couch, totally absorbed, quietly doing math problems while others danced around him. Pencil and paper were Albert’s GameBoy! When I was young, I would build… Continue reading Einstein

Solution to Social Security

Obesity here in the US is exploding. Fat kids are likely to be fat adults. Fat adults die younger. This will shorten the average life expectancy for US adults by potentially up to 2-5 years. Let’s celebrate this solution with some ice cream!!!!! Do your part to help Social Security. Eat a big steak and… Continue reading Solution to Social Security

New Photos

Today was a beautiful afternoon. I took a drive nearby and ended up driving about for a couple hours.  A waste of gas perhaps? I did take a few photos and place them in the photo album attached to theis blog. I do not see how you might get to them through the blog without… Continue reading New Photos

Red Weeds

Red Weeds, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Took this this afternoon. I thought about taking pics of a couple other fields before this one. However, just after passing this one, I noticed a train ahead. So I returned, took the photo, and just as I approached the tracks for the second time, the train finished.


Since so many academically minded individuals read this blog, I thought some of you might be interested in this web service called CiteULike. The idea is to bookmark the academic journal articles you visit and get the reference information more easily. Having gotten out of the academic research game, I really do not know whether… Continue reading CiteULike


Magnolia, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Cold snaps aside, the bushes and trees understand Spring is just around the corner.