From phishing to pharming….
In a nutshell, because people are not so sticky with going to web sites
from emails <UPDATE>anymore</UPDATE>, the criminals are going to attack web browsers and make
the visitors come to them. All those same people who get spyware
will have their systems infected with malware which will make them go to criminal web sites instead of their bank.

So let’s see… this has been discussed in a computer trade mag
recently, so it will have the first proof of concept in mid March. The
copycats will start early April. One in 10 users will be affected by
mid May.

My bet is that no PC is really safe. Maybe it is time to go buy a Mac Mini?


  1. That’s scary! Luckily, I own a mac and wouldn’t dare look back.

    well…except for games. UGH. But I have consoles for that..I guess.

    Just checking out the VSU blogring.


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