Had some wicked dream action going last night.

The first one I during which I woke started off pretty normal. A whole bunch of people were bossing me around. I was flighting from one thing needed done to the next. This is a very important government office, I think. There were federal government logos on the walls, but I don’t remember which ones. Suddenly, some sort of loud, sharp, short buzzes start. People start scrambling under tables. A girl pulls me under the table she is hiding under. We are under there for a while, whispering about what it is that could be happening. Finally, a guy walks in to tell us everything is okay. Apparently, one of the employees took his boss hostage for overlooking him in a promotion. The people were ectsatic that the security was able to talk down this guy and not kill him like they had one recently.

Another one I remember, involved a female friend, my mom, and my brother at a restaurant. We see the outside and dither about whether or not to enter. There are a ton of people outside waiting. Somehow we get in before all these other people. As we enter the door, the conversation stops and people stare at us. It is obvious everyone there is white and uncomfortable. We sit at the only open table. People start leaving and very soon the only people left are a couple I know from work. We wave at each other. They pay and on their way out, joke that we could not have any table we want. Just after they leave, the place gets flooded with black people flooding into the room. I woke up as a black couple we know stopped to speak.

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