Last night at dinner, I could not remember the name of a good acquaintance. Can’t really call her a friend. We never spent much time together. However, I frequently saw her around town, at school, or the restaurant at which she worked. She was a friend and co-worker of a friend of mine. Guess that makes her a friend of a friend?

Really small town though. Her grandmother is a friend of my grandmother.

Today at lunch I ran into another friend of a friend. If my friend had any wits he would be dating her over all these other people that are not genuinely nice. Like her friend? (Lost you yet?)

It really is nice live some place you know people and are known. Unless of course you do something scandalous as I was prone to do young in life. (Oops?). Scandalous to adults, but totally kewl to the kids. Hehehe.

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