I’ve heard about the maternal biological clocks. Women have this urge to get married and have kids. I guess sometimes they just want the kids.

Is there one for women who would like to be grandparents? For the past couple years my mom has been bandying about the concept of arranged marriages and how they should still exist. Could this be a not-so-subtle Get off your a– and get me some grandchildren?

Hope not. I don’t think this is an isolated case. I’ve heard other women my mom’s age or older, reving for the chance to get grandchildren.

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  1. LOL!  This is so my Mom.  Maybe it’s everyone’s Mom once their kids turn 20-something?  Since I have a brother and sister as well and NONE of us are on our way to children-ville (and they are both older than me!) she often likes to comment on how she’s going to die without seeing grandchildren and whoever has one first gets a “bonus in the will”.  Good stuff.  I used to tell her I was going to adopt a Chinese orphan and have her toddle over and “Give Grandma a hug and get that check.”  Isn’t my family fun?!

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