I can understand that some people feel they need to protect their intellectual property. One spends a lot of time, effort, inspiration, and talen to put together quality art.

However, when it comes to web sites that disable the right mouse button, I get really irritated. In the old days, I would copy the web site and email to the person in a zip file.

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  1. Thats true…disabling right click is nothing more than an annoyance.   I’ve always thought….that to truly protect intellectual property…don’t publish it to the Internet in the first place.  Sad as it is…nothing is truly secure.

  2. I agree with you guys…the internet is a world of vast information..if you don’t want something to be made available to others, to share with others, etc., then don’t put it on the internet!

    BTW..thanks for stopping by and wishing me luck!


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