Usually I waffle over possibilities. This weekend I took charge. Took my grandma and ma out to my my grandma both a lawnmower and a a 32″ TV. We went where I thought the best choices would be. Didn’t make her buy the one I thought was the best so making the actual choice was the longest part. Of course, I got to make sure the TV worked. On the downside, I bought things for myself because I thought I should have them instead of waffling over whether or not I should. Added 7 DVDs to my collection such as Spiderman, We Were Soldiers, Force 10 From Navarone. Thankfully, that mood is gone after buying….

Decided I wanted a digital camera. The Fuji FinePix 2400 looks decent for a first one. Actually, it will be my second camera ever, but my first digital camera. Also got the requisite 128 MB SmartMedia card.

After watching Resevoir Dogs recently, I thought, “Quentin Tarantino actually makes another movie so that he can get kewl cameos or parts in other movies like back in the day.” Little did I know about Kill Bill.

Got this from Sarah

I am: taking a break.
I think: too much.
I know: enough not think about it and yet I do.
I want: something fun.
I have: way too much stuff.
I wish: people would stop, think, and then react.
I hate: hate.
I miss: the simplicity of being 3.
I fear: the complexity of being 80.
I feel: fine.
I hear: buzzing (the lights over my head).
I smell: lunch in my mustache.
I crave: strawberries.
I search: for entertainment.
I wonder: about everything.
I regret: not keeping in better touch.
I ache: for resolutions.
I long: for someone.
I care: about everyone.
I always: react, stop, and then think.
I am not: alone.
I believe: in the goodness of mankind.
I dance: when alone.
I sing: when no one can hear.
I cry: when the doors are locked and no one can hear.
I do not always: remember.
I fight: when in a corner.
I write: about me in another reality.
I win: or lose.
I lose: or win.
I never: lose.
I confuse: names.
I listen: attentively without appearing attentive.
I can usually be found: in front of a computer.
I am scared: of my own social ineptitude.
I need: laughter.
I am happy about: the good friends I have made.
I expect: consistency.
I should: be too busy to do this!?!?


My way to get rid of apprehension of war is to delve into the horror of war. I read the goriest books and play the goriest games. Dunno why that makes me feel better.

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