The LAN party was really kick-a–! We had so much fun. I really enjoyed the games we played when I could connect to them. I need to look into getting another large drive (and maybe a PCI IDE adapter). One thought was to take my spare motherboard, CPU, and RAM to put together a storage server. Would just need to buy some large drives.

Just now returning to work after a conference over at the University of Georgia. Know a few alumni of the school and wish I’d found the opportunity to go up there to visit them back when they were there. The campus is pretty and the scenery great. Was interesting to be some place I’d heard so much about but never seen. Of course, I love to experience new places. Even the grass was greener…

The one hitch is I always seem to think that “data port” means Ethernet connection. Apparently a data port is a telephone port. Yeah, right.

Have an older model G4 in my office so I can learn about Macs. Need a keyboard and mouse and network jack for it. Just having the thing around means that I will be able to test how my web pages appear on a Mac.

I think I understand why I don’t really like to talk on the phone. It feels like I fumble around for words worse than when there is a really pretty girl occupying my attention. Ironically, I fumble for words worse when a female with a pleasant voice is on the other end. That is probably why I could take up chatting on the Net. Fumbled words can be erased before those on the other end receive them. Got a call to attend a “webinar” (yeah, a seminar on the web).

For some perspective… Humans are viruses, to paraphrase Agent Smith. Not Just Your Average Loser (Wired News) Look at the profile:

Male. Obsessed with computers. Lacking a girlfriend. Aged 14 to 34. Capable of sowing chaos worldwide.

This could so be me. “They have a chronic lack of girlfriends, are usually socially inadequate and are drawn compulsively to write self-replicating codes.” Except for the writing code which can reproduce itself (damn, if I could write a program that would update all the servers for me), this might be me. Thankfully, I am not a programmer. I just write scripts.

[Update] Last thing, I swear… got the whole Cowboy Bebop DVD collection. W00t!

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  1. I feel inadequate.  I have only seen two episodes of Cowboy Beebop.  Though, I did get the second episode of Vampire Hunter D…*L*  thought about dot hack sign, but…….

  2. Hey! I miss Cowbow BeBop!  JD and I used to stay up ’til 3a.m. just to catch it.  Now, it’s not on any more. *pout* I have a thing, for long, tall men (no offense, Teddy Bear!) and that Spike was just one kewlly drawn dude! *sigh* That’s just me, I guess!  GFW


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