LAN Party

w00t!!! time 2 download warez, vids, & make friends suffer the wait of a respawn!


I came close to winning an SOF2 bout last night. W00t! In the last 2 minutes I couldn’t find anyone to keep my lead. Sux0rz! Got 2nd, tho.

This is a pretty kewl article… National guardman changed his name to a toy


Someone had a virus on the network. Play has been suspended while everyone scans their 100+ GB of drive space to make sure they are not infected… W00t!


Preserved Comments:

  • 3/22/2003 9:25 AM by OEnone: That would, indeed, suck….hope you are having fun…
  • 3/23/2003 7:23 PM by Nessie: Something i soon won’t have to worry about eheheh
  • 3/25/2003 1:32 PM by dolphinajs: damn those viruses.  can computers sneeze?