Ugh. Sent out one of those survey emails that I got from a friend. It is one of the few chainletter email activities I in which I will participate.

One of the questions was: “What is the best feature about me?”

Almost all of the answers I got back had to do with personality. Does that mean I am ugly?

Spell-Check Can Make Writing Worse

One should not depend too much on technology to do one’s job for you. Study: Spell-Check Can Make Writing Worse (Yahoo! News).

Humans have better reasoning skills than computers which are limited to the logic the programmers could implement. Maybe when machines reach the point they can learn on their own, they might be able to cross that barrier.

Preserved Comments:

  • 3/14/2003 12:25 PM by Nessie: eheheh yes, and then machines will rule the world eheheheh and man will wish they could just take it back 😀