Run, Lola, Run

I find computer account names fascinating. lola_rennt is the title of a wonderful German film whose English title is “Run, Lola, Run” starring Franka Potente. Check it out. I’ve seen the DVD in Target recently for only $14.44 + tax. Franka also got a title role in the Bourne Identity.

Preserved comments:

  • dolphinajs: i didn’t think i’d like run lola run, but last year someone made me watch it, i became obsessed for five days straight.  my homework went to pot. 🙂
  • OEnone: nice office
  • OEnone: and why do you have to edit your entry?  *curious*  wasn’t it you that said that, it doesn’t matter if it is private or public, its just the telling of the story???  I KNOW I heard that somewhere when I started writing.