Got a kick out of these emails. My favorite parts are bolded.

Hey there, I’m nnnnnn. I got your email address from a friend and thought I’d get in touch. I’m kind of new to this whole thing, the internet and meeting people on the internet. I thought I’d tell you a little about myself, I’m 26 and single. I work at a jewlery shop as a salesperson, and I’m looking to meet new friends. I’m open for anything, we can be penpals, friends or I am open to an intimate relationship. I hope thats not too forward. I’m very into dining, camping, outdoors, dogs, beaches (when I’m lucky), and sunday football. I’m trying really hard to understand better, but I just get a kick out way men adore sunday football. Well if you’d like to talk some more then send me back an email, I have some pics for you too see as well. My email is

Hey there, I’m Erica. My friend Amy talked to you some time ago and said that you were looking for a girlfriend. I beleive you two exchanged pictures and from the looks of the picture she gave me, I’m very interested in meeting. I’m looking for a relationship that’s not too serious but not too casual. I don’t like to put stereotypes on relationships but I would like a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. Maybe we could be exclusive, I’m not really into sleeping around. Anyway I have a little web page that tells some more about me, check it out and tell me if you’d be interested in getting together. If not, I’m sorry to bother you, my friend just said you might be interested. My page is:
<web site removed>
Hope to talk some more

Sometimes the spam is interesting. The funny thing is I read the first real sentence and think, SPAM!






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