Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Much better today. Dunno what yesterday was about. Of course, I got less sleep last night than the night before. WTF?






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  1. daddycool Avatar

    dropping & propping by…….

  2. AlanaNightingale Avatar

    THe more you sleep the more tired you are but if you dont get enough sleep you are tired there must be some window of perfect sleeping , praobly like a 30 second window


  3. RiottGyrrrl Avatar

    I think daddycool is spamming. jeez

    I never sleep…so that’s probably why I’m a bitch all the time. 

  4. sneezypb Avatar

    It’s kewl… daddycool is just trying to get me to look at his site. I’ll do so once, but if there is nothing of value to me, then I will not again.

    I can be a reall pain in the rear when I have not had enough sleep. I forget that I am supposed to be nice to people.

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