One of my co-workers, a rather large fellow though not as big as me, had a scare with his blood pressure. Early reports we got at work was that it had symptoms of a pulmonary embolism. Blood clots in the blood are scary enough… that they lodge and backup the flow of blood is terrifying. Blocking the blood flow to the lungs is even worse… the whole purpose of the lungs is to put oxygen on to red blood cells. It seems to me that the largest objects in the blood will get stopped first by an embolism which happens to include the red blood cells. No red blood cells = no oxygen = bodily shut down.

He and I are the only two guys who are significantly over weight. As little as I take care of myself, it seems that I probably will be next.

Yet, I have not done anything to improve matters. Even after on one occasion my left arm hurt like a mutha…

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  1. You should take care of yourself hon. If only because you need ta be in one peice to type on the computer…and…well, even if you don’t worry for you I worry for you…

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