DMVs are the spawns anti-christ. People who are in a bind and screwed and trying to get a beauracracy to change their rules just for them are now in my oprion worse.

This girl had to get her license for her job. She has needed for a while, but was told by some idiot to come back in May (so she came back today). By the state rules they can only give her a learning permit which she has to keep a year and a day or come back May 30th to get the license. She can’t wait until May. Her job will not accept the learner’s.

Feel so sorry for her… but some of us have jobs that we have to get back to. We hoped to get in and out and on with life. The line grew from just me to 20 people in the 1/2 hour this lasted. I went from being able to do this on my hour lunch break to having to spend time after work to make up for this girl.


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