Death to Smoochie

Has been a pretty good weekend. Went to see Death to Smoochie Friday night. Really enjoyed it. Also on the movie front, I just got out of the new Barry Sonnenfeld: Big Trouble. I’ve never laughed so hard in a movie. The anime party was fun. We only watched to movies though, Jin-Roh (good) and BioHunter (ack). Got my… Continue reading Death to Smoochie

Ren Fair

I did go to the Suwannee Ren Fair. I bought a dagger whose decoration appears to me to be inspired by art from the subcontinent. I think it is rather kewl. No, I will not cut myself. I am not that clumsy around sharp object. I do want a couple a katana/wakisashi pair, a claymore,… Continue reading Ren Fair


Blood, guts, gore, and yelling. Those are the principle features of a bunch of males at a party. When the party involves people showing off their PDAs, you KNOW it is a bunch of geeks and nerds. We are what we are. I did go down to the Florida Renaissance Festival. I enjoyed it. Probably… Continue reading Untitled

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