Got the teeshirt

Ugh…. some sort of cold nailed me Wednesday afternoon. Of course, just going outside significantly improved my cough. Kinda better now. Got my favorite movie of all time on DVD… WILLOW! So staying home sick had an upside. Also got the teeshirt… Somehow we all knew this to be true, right? Guess it has gone from former… Continue reading Got the teeshirt

Movie List

I’ve updated the movie list… 515 titles. Hyper-organized, maybe… summary, legend, top 30, display list, and everything else.

Affliction Test

Yeah… another test… it is a short one. Take the Affliction Test Today! Be careful in your email. There is a new virus out there…BADTRANS.B. This one looks for unread email and responds to it. Then the file is automatically executed without you knowing.

Echols County

From the NEWS of the WEIRD archive. In September, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiled desolate Echols County, Georgia (between Valdosta and the Okeefenokee Swamp), well-known to the state’s judges because that is where they encourage lawbreakers to go when they really want them to leave the state altogether. The Georgia constitution prohibits banishing people from the state… Continue reading Echols County


Hate it when you are on a web page, your browser installs a plugin and promptly closes all of your browser windows itself. I’d love the opportunity to do something like bookmark the pages I want to come back to once the plugin installs? Scared of Echelon, yet? Maybe you should be… At the very least… Continue reading Echelon

Quote Lists

A couple of quote lists at… Living Well Full and Balanced Life Kewl site.  


Found this Friday. Someone has too much time to do Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGOs. Impress all the same. Saw Harry Potter Saturday. Thought the movie was pretty good. I’ve read some of the reviews and think some people need to get off the idea that the written word is canon. Movies are a… Continue reading Movies

SurveyPro PITA

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… that is the first time I have EVER installed Apache with SSL and had it work the first time. Then again, it was a Linux box, not Solaris. SurveyPro is a major pain in my ass…