Rock Eagle

Kind of confused. Felt like I was someone else.

Still enjoying myself up here at the “Rock“. Okay, geeks came up with the name for a Georgia University Annual Computing Conference. Won’t knock it. Joe is up to the task of keeping things on cruise control. I am enough of an Internet addict that I had to come check email. Though CP is a little pissy right now and not going well.

For Joe: Really, anyone interested in multimedia. Frank Lowney’s Quicktime Supplement.

Here are pictures of one of my sessions in the webcastOne Two (left side in the back is me). See other pictures which are of my session, but I somehow escaped. Joe, you need to teach these people how to do a real web cast.

The confusion has nothing to do with being up here. Last night was just really spacey. Felt high as kite and might just …. dunno.

Jessie thanks for the link. Philly is a new and recent addition to my favorites list after being there this summer past.

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