New DVDs

Hmmmmmmm… got some new DVDs to watch. Stuff I already had on VHS already: 5th Element, Tombstone, and Wrath of Khan. This brings my DVD collection to 61 titles. Have never thought of myself as a PC repair person. I have done some stuff on my own home and office computers. Assisted Andrew Otapski with some stuff. He really… Continue reading New DVDs

Firefighters and Bombings

Interesting that the people that love to forward every email have turned to praising firefighters and bombing Afghanistan. This is funny! Al Qaeda to cut at least 5,000 jobs Sun Sep 23 21:51:15 2001 September 23, 2001 KABUL (Voice of Sharia) — Citing worldwide reaction to last week’s terrorist attacks, multi-national terror network Al Qaeda… Continue reading Firefighters and Bombings

Outlook Snafu

Outlook is still foobarred… Eudora here I come! – – – – – Outlook MAY(?!?!) be repaired. Now I have to catch up.


Virus writers are evil. The latest, Nimda, is a really aggressive one. Look at some of the more successful viruses right now. SirCam, Magistr, Loveletter, and Hybris are all on Trend’s top 10 list. All, including Nimda spread by email. Also, like sAdmind (in the top 10) and CodeRed II, it hits Microsoft IIS servers. Like Bymer it hits unprotected network shares.… Continue reading Nimda

Code Blue Or Is It Code Red?

Sheeesh… viruses never go away. What a pain. Had to diagnose a server’s virus problem. It was attacking other servers. Found a computer lab had several viruses. Dunno why the anti-virus software caught some, but not others. All a major pain.

Eye for an eye

Looking at a Frontline page on Bin Laden. It includes an interview with Bin Laden conducted by John Miller. Miller: American politicians have painted a distorted picture of Islam, of Muslims and of Islamic fighters. We would like you to give us the true picture that clarifies your viewpoint … . Bin Laden: The leaders in… Continue reading Eye for an eye


Archived the blog. Can’t get into the chat room. So I will surf, catch up on the news, and get some email. Also work on my D&D sheets and web page a little. – – – – – Proposed replacement for the World Trade Center (kinda R).