Lots of fun at work. Been pretty busy with last minute pre-Christmas stuff and the post-Christmas slide into the abyss. Got to build a web server we named “redeye” that will be our new main web server. Just need to complete some document verification and path adjusting. Installing stuff on Solaris is fun, no really… vi configure, make, make install (repeat as necessary)… 🙂

Perhaps I will get the time to go back and work on some graphics sometime? Maybe in a few weeks.

Enjoyed the lack of access to a computer. A positive sign that I have kicked my internet addiction. Being on the net at work all day has cured me of the irrational desire to have a data jack implanted in my skull so that I could turn any phone line into an internet connection.

Reading A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin. He is such a wonderful author with vivid characters and a stunning plot. A definite must-read for anyone that reads fantasy.