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I suspect people are just being nice when they ask if I have lost weight. A normal person wants to and feels pleased when others notice. So it is a safe thing to ask.

Except I do the mental calculations of when was the last time I saw the person, where I was on the belts last seeing them, where I was on the belts next seeing them, and want intensely to call them out for being wrong. Even a small loss I want to count as not having lost weight. From 2007 to 2012, my typical pattern was to hit a peak weight around October and bottom out in March. Basically, in the Georgia summer heat I say inside for the air conditioning and do more walking around in the winter. But people assume the opposite since normal people are more active in the summer.

Since 2013 was cooler, I ended up being a little more active. So I fell out of the normal pattern and did not gain as much as normal. As a result, I have tried to be more accepting of these compliments. Still, it is tough.

Last night I bought a scale. So maybe I can have a more accurate measure than holes in my belts.

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Good resolutions are useless attempts to interfere with scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. Their result is absolutely nil. — Lord Henry in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

  1. Read 52 books. Yeah, I know. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, I read more than this. I like the number because it is a book a week. And ends up being about 20,000 pages each year.
    • Think another stipulation is at least 30 need to be physical books I already own. Not to knock the Kindle, but I have been on a buying spree of public domain (aka free) books because of it. I have at least ten maybe fifteen linear feet of unread books, so I need to make a significant dent in that.
  2. Ride 10 miles a week April to October. I do not even own a bike at this point, so this means figuring out some things. I’m figuring buy a bike by March and averaging 10 miles a week for half a year is a reasonable start.
  3. Declutter. Maybe take this a month at a time. Bedroom1, bedroom closet 1, living room, bedroom2, bedroom closet 2, dining room, kitchen, laptop, 1TB external drive, 1.5TB ext drive.
  4. Take a trip 300 miles away from home. Work conference does not count. It might be to visit family, but the distance ensures my home town does not count.

As usual, I am going to shy away from things like dieting, cooking, or joining a gym which I know are so counter to my habits they are pointless. Gives me an idea for tomorrow’s post.

Old resolutions: 2013, 2012201120102009.

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  1. Read 52 books. Today, at the end of the year, I should be at 52 books read. I reached that point back on October 18th. My total for the year is 67.
  2. Post 180 blog entries. Today, at the end of the year, I should be at 180 blog posts published.  This post makes 186. So I made the goal. (This blog had 140 of the posts. The other 46 came from five other blogs.)
  3. A dSLR photograph a week. Pretty much gave up at the first quarter.

A friend, Heather, dislikes annual goals because achieving them is over too long a span. The span is too difficult to judge what is appropriate. We get distracted and ease off schedule so that we are in a rush to keep on it. I thought something a week would solve that problem. Obviously not with number three. And number two almost completely fell apart until I rescued it at the end.

So I could have easily doubled my blog entries for the year as I managed 71 in just the third quarter alone. That indicates a capability of around 280 a year. I just found myself distracted and not doing it.


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The Read 52 books goal is done over a couple months early. The last couple years, I read over 21,000 pages and at this point have read 18,027. Guess this means selecting shorter books helped me hit the number easier.

It also means I should get in another 3,000 pages before the end of the year to feel on track.

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    1. Read 52 books. Today, at 3/4 through the year, I should be at 39 books read. I am at 48. (Got to 39 books on Jul 25, 2013.) Just current four I am reading will complete the goal for the year. Of course, I will keep reading because that is what I do.
    2. Post 180 blog entries. Today at 3/4 through the year, I should be at 135 blog posts published. I am at 115. I was at 44 at the halfway point, so 71 in 3 months is much better. It leaves me with 65 more to the finish the year.
    3. A dSLR photograph a week. Pretty much gave up at the first quarter.

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  1. Read 52 books. Today, at 1/2 through the year, I should be at 26 books read. I am at 32.
  2. Post 180 blog entries. Today at 1/2 through the year, I should be at 90 blog posts published. I am at 44. With 182 days left in the year, that is a post three of every four days.
  3. A dSLR photograph a week. Pretty much gave up at the first quarter.

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Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses

Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses

… from a glass which my mother gave me from my grandmother’s estate. There is nothing physically valuable about it. Just simple melted silicon with maybe sulfur. (Maybe they are something friends who collect things from the 60s and 70s would like.)

Found them on listed on Etsy as:

Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses: 3 Nice Amber-Yellow glasses. They have a 70s vibe, circle/ring pattern. Would make a nice large glass of tea on a hot summer day. Enjoy!

So it is funny that I am drinking tea on a hot summer day (the thing the description above says to use them for).

Their value is in reminding me of hanging out on her deck playing a game, talking about the plans for how to improve the flowers, mowing her yard, and playing with my cousins. Oh, and watching movies she recorded on her VCR.

They make me smile. :)

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I have written before on this blog on people trying to figure out my skin color or my accent. These are details which make very little sense. My skin is not dark enough to be black and not pale enough to be white. The weird ways I pronounce words provides few clues to where I was raised.

So I am re-reading The Great Gatsby. One of the things that entertained me were the various scenes of people trying to figure Gatsby’s origin story through gossip and inference. This makes me curious. I know people similarly talk about me because they eventually ask. So review details you know about me that make little sense. What are your inferences? I’ll let you know yes or no. Plus I’ll fill in the gaps.


Snopes is your friend. Even if you cannot remember the site, searching for a sentence of a text probably will pull up a hoax clarification site.

Facebook is the new chainletter forwarding medium. The share button allows people to very easily and simply pass along anything. Often this is before they do anything to verify the information. Before anyone I know who reads this comments, I have been guilty of it too. I like to think it rarely happens.

Almost as long as I have been online, I have fought back against this kind of misinformation. When I see factual claims, I try and verify them. My GoogleFu is strong because of researching things I read or hear to confirm, deny, or better understand. If claims were false, then I left a comment. Initially I wrote in my own words detailed explanations on why something was in error. Then as I got lazier, I quoted places like Snopes who probably wrote better explanations anyway and linked back to the source.

These days at my laziest, I just post a link to the source.

Usually, I received a comment back in thanks. Sometimes it hurt feelings for me to have sent these comments. People have even stopped talking to me over getting a comment. The interesting ones involve me being called a liar or mean. So I pull back for a while and try not to hurt feelings. Eventually, I will resume responding.

Something I really should remember is people love their biases and these shares are part of solidifying them. I probably ignore the things with which I agree. By trying to correct them, I am fighting against cognitive dissonance and am not going to win.


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This is the first TED Talk I get to post because I know the speaker rather than just know of them. Rebeka was originally a new employee in training who really did not need it. Over the past few years we’ve followed each other through social media, so I was aware of the elements of this story. So I am glad she got the opportunity to put it all together through a venue like TEDx.

I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

If the video below does not work, then try this link Risking Redefinition : Rebeka Geer at TEDxUGA.

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