Resolution Progress 2012: Second Quarter

Today is the 183rd day or midpoint of the year, so where am I with those goals?

  1. Reading goals should be at 50%:
    1. Complete unfinished novel series. 13 of 27 done. That is 48%. So I am a little behind.
    2. American History and Decision Making. 4 of 10 done. That is 40%. So I am a little behind.
    3. Science. 6 of 12 done. So I am right on track. (I also added 4 more books.)
    4. Read 50 books. I have read 25 of 50. That is 25%. So I am right on track. The discrepancy from above are some off list books.
  2. Publish an average of four blog posts a week. This post makes 94 of 208. That is 45%. So I am a little behind.

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